FREE Semi Permanent Make Up for Cancer Patients and those affected by Alopecia

We are offering FREE semi permanent make up once a month to those who suffer with above conditions.

Alopecia is a devastating disorder affects many men and women throughout the world. Permanent make up is a perfect solution to restore the appearance of eyebrows and eyelash lines. It is confidence boosting and many clients become very emotional when they see how much their appearance is improved after treatment.

Permanent makeup treatments are also highly recommended and encouraged by oncologists as a way of helping patients to feel more positive about the traumatic experience of chemotherapy.
Pre-chemotherapy we can capture the appearance of the patient’s natural brows, lashes and hair in order to recreate them if chemotherapy causes hair loss.

Our salon can use permanent makeup techniques to recreate the appearance of lashes and brows, with Eyeliner, Lash Enhancer and 3D eyebrow technique. The pigments are custom blended to match the patient’s natural colouring.

It is also ideal for post-chemotherapy in the case of hairloss, with eyeliners, lash enhancers and our 3D brow treatments to restore the appearance of hair. These highly effective treatments are recommended by consultants for their role in giving patients back some control at a difficult and distressing time in their lives. We will be happy to show you our portfolio of before and after treatment photos.

A doctor’s permission will be required prior to treatment. Email us for any enquiries

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